Extended School Program

Before and After Care (3 to 12 years)

The goals of our extended school program is to provide assistance to those working parents that have few or no supports by caring for their children before and after school hours. We aim to provide an atmosphere in which learning is fun and relevant.

The Union City Day Care Program’s extended school program provides services for children in our center and neighboring participating schools.  The UCDCP located at 47th Street provides the services for Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson School students.  The UCECLC located at 35th Street provides the services for students of Jefferson and Washington Schools.  The program teaches children to play, learn and share as a cooperative group through creative activites, indoor and outdoor play.  Homework and academic assistance is also offered  Each classroom is equipped with a PC computer for learning and recreational purposes.  For more information about eligibility and services, contact the respective center.


Teacher and Young Student