Music Program


Once again the Union City Day Care Program had a music program for the students of the Union City Day Care Center @ 47th Street.

Children were able to showcase their talents in voice and playing musical instruments! The Summer Music Concert this year was held on August 27, 2021.  It provided parents and family members virtual front row seat to this memorable event!  

Zumba Class Program

The Union City Day Care Program once again held Zumba classes for students at our Early Childhood Learning Center @ 35th Street this summer.


The Zumba instructor provided kid-friendly routines based on an original fitness choreography aimed at stimulating fitness awareness.  Classes incorporated key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team-work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural appreciation.

Samurai Soul Warrior Martial Arts 

The Union City Day Care Program held Martial Arts classes in the fashion of the Samurai code of honor.  Students learned how to apply this code to a mode of preservation tempered by wisdom, patience and serenity. 



Game Room Fun!


Games rooms were part of the Union City Day Care Program fun-filled summer program once again! Arcade machines, smart tables, basketball hoop challenge, air hockey, and foosball tables and much more filled the game rooms at the Union City Day Care and Early Childhood Learning Centers, where children enhanced their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination!  

game room.JPG
Water Sprinkler Fun!

Children at the Union City Day Care Program enjoyed cool fun this summer on our water park grounds!  With water squirting from our pulsating ground sprinklers to our water dumpling spigots from above our fences, no one spent a dry moment at the playground park this Summer!


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December is National Human Rights Month

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